LTO Barcode-Label-Generator - Changelog

2013-06-23:first version
2014-01-12:added color option
2014-02-07:added Avery 6571/6577 and OL173
2014-02-11:added check digit option
added whitespace for Avery 6571/6577 and OL173
added offset option
added second color scheme which only colors numbers
2014-02-20:added debug option
2014-02-21:added adjustable whitespace
corrected offsets
2014-03-08:added a settings line to every generated page
2014-03-11:added "-dAutoRotatePages" to ps2pdf in order to maintain portrait orientation
2014-03-26:added support for Netc LLC #749303-12301 (#749303-12334)
2014-03-30:fixed an issue where the copyright line and settings line were printed over the label when using some offset values
fixed an issue where too many or too little labels were generated per page when using some offset values (now 32 labels/page for OL173 and 20 labels/page for Netc)
2014-04-04:added an option to choose whether the fixed string (formerly known as prefix) should be treated as prefix or as suffix
2014-04-07:removed beta status of Netc labels because there seem to be no problems
added check for high (>3 mm) or negative whitespace-values, more than 3 mm doesn't make sense
2014-04-23:added support for Qualstar Libraries with 10 characters (8+2)
Library manufacturer IBM/other: 6 alphanumeric characters + 2 characters for media type
Library manufacturer Qualstar: 8 alphanumeric characters + 2 characters for media type
2014-05-30:added an option to turn off border lines for blank template
added an option to choose background color for prefix/suffix with the monochrome color scheme
2014-05-31:added an option to print the human readable characters vertically
2014-06-03:fixed an issue where the media type identifier disappeared from the barcode - sorry for that
2014-06-15:added Avery L7162 labels template - CAUTION!!! Use paper labels at your own risk!
2014-07-11:added a font scaling factor
2014-07-16:fixed an issue where the bottom right label on the first page seemed to be misaligned
Fun fact: The bottom right label was the only one correctly aligned. Fixed calculation of the offset values. Maybe you have to use different offset values now.
2014-10-19:added Avery L5366/5066/8366 labels template
2014-11-05:added user defineable comments line on top of every page
added timestamp
added page number
2014-11-14:changed the order of the fields in the infoline to match the web form
2015-03-19:added support for Herma 4459/4611, Avery 3420 (only left and middle column supported, rightmost column will be implemented soon)
2015-03-26:completed support for Herma 4459/4611, Avery 3420 - all columns are now implemented
2015-04-20:added an option for displaying no media type identifier (choose "no media type identifier")
useful for printing non lto barcode labels
2015-05-06:small postscript code fix, added an option to suppress printing of infolines
2015-06-01:migrated website to it's own domain ""
2015-08-16:prefix/suffix color now customizable with every color scheme
2015-10-21:added Avery 6571/6577/OL173 template with border lines, added L8 media type
2016-01-23:added an text orientation option
2016-03-31:added an offset for the comment line
2016-04-03:added an option for showing the comment line on every label
2016-04-29:added another label type "one label per page"
2016-05-08:prefix and suffix are now allowed at the same time
2016-07-22:added Avery 5161 (not sure if dimensions are correct)
2017-01-09:added an option for scaling the barcode length
2017-05-29:added G8+G9 media identifiers
2017-11-01:added Avery 5162 (not sure if dimensions are correct)
2018-01-22:added LTO 8 M identifier
2018-11-07:added Avery 3484 + Unistat 73484
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